Creative Intelligence

Mazarine’s expertise is agile and innovation-driven. Project teams are organized as intra-startups, reinforced by a network of impassioned digital experience creators. Mazarine aims to propose new and creative experiences that anticipate the digital landscape of tomorrow.

Tech-forward creative innovation through the sourcing of digital initiatives that reinvent the brand experience.

Mazarine brings together creative technologists and partner studios to offer unprecedented immersion experiences in the universe of each of our brands. Our services and specialities include:

  • AR/VR

    Venturing into unexplored territories of expression, reinventing the immersive experience in the universe of brands.

  • Internet of Things

    IoT is no longer a question, IoT is a reality. We strive to make sense of these interconnected stories.

  • Natural Language Processing (AI)

    Using complex algorithms, we create interactive, fluid experiences that are natural and intuitive in order to connect luxury brands and their users.

  • New Formats and Interactive Content

    Cutting-edge content creation that constantly pushes boundaries in order to better serve the communication of brand identity.

  • Retailtainment

    Synthesizing the online and retail experiences. Our technical experiise—AR/VR, IoT, NLP— provides an immersive and connected in-store experience.


Interactivity in all its forms: vocal, social, digital, or through augmented reality. We bring humanity and meaning to technology-driven experiences, with an approach that redefines customer engagement. With the all-in-one technological solution 'Smart Player', brands can host virtual events, launch new collections and keep the bond with communities. 

  • SmartPlayer

  • VirtualShowroom

  • ConnectedObjects

  • NaturalLanguageProcessing

  • Retailtainment

  • InternetOfThings

CHANEL FACTORY 5'Imaginary TV' c/o Off-White™The Smart Player Breitling Webcast - Smart PlayerBalmain Live SS21 - Smart PlayerDelvaux - Virtual ShowroomRepossi - Virtual Store TourBalmain Interactive - The Choice
Delvaux - Virtual TourVan Cleef & Arpels - Virtual Alhambra Perrier Floor LensPrada Virtual ExperienceJean-Paul Gaultier 360°


Venturing into unexplored territories of expression, reinventing the immersive experience in the universe of brands, with augmented and virtual reality into social filters (Instagram, Snapchat...), apps, stores, and digital platforms. 

  • AugmentedReality

  • VirtualReality

  • SocialFilter

  • ImmersiveExperience

  • Retailtainment

  • Phygital