Acacias Art Center

In 2014, Acacias Art Center renewed and rediscovered its artistic calling. A creative laboratory and think tank, it is a multidisciplinary space dedicated to imagery in all its forms. It also serves as an exhibition space for the contemporary art scene as well as a photo, video, and digital production studio.

A home for artists, Acacias Art Center, is a place to exchange ideas, experiment, and organize exhibitions to showcase a variety of visual artistic accomplishments.

DES CORPS LIBRES - Une jeune scène françaiseNo Apologies – Kenny Dunkan & Rashid JohnsonSoukhos – Raphaël BarontiniReflections Redux – Benjamin Millepied & Barbara KrugerNew American Art – Rashid Johnson - Matthew Day JacksonDrop Shadow – Mark HandforthLaure Prouvost's Exhibition

Contemporary Art

From the immersive installations of Laure Prouvost to the monumental works of Matthew Day Jackson, or Benjamin Millepied’s dance holograms on a set designed by Barbara Kruger, Acacias Art Center reinvents itself each season for the FIAC. For the 2019 fair, Mazarine Creative Intelligence connected art and technology with its “Take Over” exposition. Acacias Art Center hosts exhibitions and projects supported by Reiffers Art Initiatives.


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Photo Exhibitions

Since the 1960s, this landmark studio has welcomed the world’s greatest photographers, including the likes of Richard Avedon, Irving Penn and Guy Bourdin. Alternating with art, a photo exhibition is organized once a year. In 2019, Jean-Baptiste Mondino exhibited 20 years worth of collaboration with Numéro Magazine.

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The Portaits - Guy BourdinMondino - Numéro 20 ansGuido Mocafico - NuméroKoto Bolofo - Marie-Agnès GillotSølve Sundsbø pour Numéro


Modular, and alternating formats, the layout of the rooms makes it possible to produce large-scale or more intimate events.

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