Numéro is the monthly print and online magazine of fashion and culture. Internationally available with 6 editions in Japan, China, Russia, Germany, Thailand and the Netherlands, Numéro has extended its singular look to men's fashion with Numéro Homme and puts the contemporary art world in perspective with Numéro Art. and social platforms complete the influence of the title on its community.

Since 1999, Numéro has been the leading media in the world of fashion, contemporary art and culture.

Numéro Magazine

Monthly magazine and digital platform, Numéro puts into perspective fashion and culture. Combining the power of images and words, Numéro collaborates with the most talented photographers and the best authors. With the editions Numéro Tokyo, Numéro Berlin, Numéro China, Numéro Netherlands, Numéro Russia, and Numéro Thailand, the title extends its influence internationally.

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Numéro 200Numéro 59Numéro 32Numéro Netherlands 1Numéro Berlin 6Numéro Berlin 11Numéro China 89Numéro Tokyo 98
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Numéro Homme

Bi-annual edition dedicated to men's fashion. The greatest artists and talents are on the cover of the magazine: Jake Gyllenhaal, Stromae, Virgil Abloh, Jared Leto, Johnny Depp, Vincent Cassel, Pharrell Williams, Jaden Smith, Robert Pattinson, Jude Law, and many others.

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Numéro Art

Bi-annual and bilingual edition (French / English) devoted to contemporary art. The greatest artists are featured on the cover of the magazine: Issue #9, offers 2 covers celebrating two strong personalities from the artistic world (Rashid Johnson and Georg Baselitz).

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Numéro Art #11- Cover Alexandre Diop and Kehinde WileyNuméro Art #11- Cover Cypien GaillardNuméro Art #11- Cover Tavares StrachanNuméro Art #11- Cover Joan MitchellNuméro Art #10- Cover Pol TaburetNuméro Art #8- Cover Rashid JohnsonNuméro Art #8 - Cover Damien HirstNuméro Art #7 - Cover Maisie WilliamsNuméro Art #6- Cover Cindy ShermanNuméro Art #5 - Cover Yayoi KusamaNuméro Art #4- Cover Laure Prouvost