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Audemars Piguet
At Art Basel Miami Beach 2018, Audemars Piguet is offering a spectacular new installation entitled Albedo de Tomás Saraceno for "Aerocene". A Mazarine Events NYC production.

The large-scale, site-specific installation, made of 40 reflective out-turned umbrellas, created a hemispherical sundial. Using only the heat from the sun, the oceanfront sculptures powered the solar flights of the Aerocene Explorer. The presentation was kicked off with a press conference and cocktail party.

During the run of Albedo by Tomás Saraceno and the Aerocene Foundation, Audemars Piguet arranged a curated program of multidisciplinary public talks. The two talks explored a post-fossil fuel era, and how humanity can rethink its relationship with the Universe to understand a “response”-ability toward Planet Earth.

There to highlight the urgency of community involvement and discuss his project’s meaning, Saraceno said, “I’m not the leader, I’m a participant.” He elaborated on his work with Aerocene, saying that it was about opening up through three ecologies—environmental, social, and mental—to begin imagining a future free of fossil fuels.

“In Miami, everyone is welcome to join the Aerocene community as we learn to cook, fly and cool the planet using only the power of the Sun and by attuning to the Earth’s natural planetary rhythms,” said Saraceno.


© Courtesy of Audemars Piguet