Mazarine has demonstrated a 360° level of competency on this art project: from production of the installation (both in the Lower East Side on and the facade of the New Museum), design and production of the art exhibition and of the launch events at the gallery and at the Public Hotel, to production of the photo and video content.


2019 celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first person walking on the moon. Three years later, as Apollo 17 was on its last lunar mission, the crew took the renowned picture 'Blue Marble' showing the first image of the Earth from space. The original 'Blue Marble' picture is the most widely reproduced image of the Earth. Sebastian Errazuriz pays homage to the iconic picture by bringing it to life thanks to a  monumental outdoor sculpture that will feature a live video stream of the Earth from a NASA satellite in space. The audience passing by the installation at night sees a partially dark Earth with clusters of light and, in contrast, meteorological conditions during the day. Altogether the artwork is part of a new campaign by the e-vapor company blu, 'Pledge World by blu'.


The outdoor artwork visible at 159 Ludlow Street in the Lower East Side of Manhattan is stettled for one month. For the opening date, Mazarine produced a private launch at the Richard Taittinger Gallery featuring the artist, an exhibition documenting the project, and exclusively for that date, a speech from NASA astronaut Mike Massimino, and a display of the blu Marble piece on New York City Museum.