“DES CORPS LIBRES” - The art book of the exhibition brings together a corpus of texts, putting into perspective the work of these 15 French artists from the new contemporary scene. It also offers a set of illustrations including exhibition views and details of works. A real visual immersion in the first collective exhibition of Reiffers Art Initiatives, but also an invitation to explore the possibility of a body, singular or universal, whether evanescent, fantastical, digital, anchored in our current world, science fiction or Utopian. The art book illustrates this passage from the body-object to the body-subject through the corpus of works brought together.



Publisher: Reiffers Art Initiatives Editions

Contributions: Paul-Emmanuel Reiffers, Thibaut Wychowanok, Matthieu Jacquet, Ingrid Luquet-Gad, Juliette Lecorne, Anika Meier, Anaël Pigeat, Félix Boggio, Ewanjé-Epée et Stella Magliani-Belkacem. 

Information: Edition 2022, 96 pages, in French and English. Dimensions: 33 x 25 cm