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Mazarine signs the new Diesel Only The Brave campaign (L'Oreal Luxe).

The integrated strategy (Digital, TV, Display, Press) has mass reach in France and abroad, and is carried out by modern icons.


Entitled #BraveOfTomorrow, the campaign highlights a new vision of courage: that of being a free spirit, a purveyor of ideals for the society of tomorrow.

Our hero is a person who has the courage to stand out and become the iconic leader of a community that is as creative and free as himself.


English actor Alex Pettyfer comes with a "crew" of influential leaders, men and women who can inspire us and transport us with their audacity and freedom. They include The Twins (hip hop), Jonas Blue (DJ), Jason Paul and Bjorn De Klerk (freerunning), Cassandre Lemoine and Lee Juae (longboard).

The film depicts the courage of each member of the "crew" through the prism of their talent, discipline, and self-expression.

To further immerse into their respective worlds, separate spin-offs and documentaries are available on social media.