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Senior Project Manager- New York

Start date

4 September 2023


New York


>5 years experience

Mission details

  • Work closely with the Management and Production team to execute projects according to client's specifications.
  • Coordinate various stages of event preparation, including meetings with stakeholders, selecting venues and facilities, and choosing service providers in alignment with the management.
  • Actively contribute ideas and propose effective methods and tools for event implementation.
  • Manage and organise on-site event preparation, including setup, assembly, coordination of different trades, and liaising with suppliers.
  • Maintain good client relationships in collaboration with the Management.
  • Ensure smooth execution of the event on the actual day.
  • Consider sustainable development aspects when planning the project.
  • Monitor the budget in collaboration with the Management and Production team, keeping client's budget in mind and notifying the Management of any additional costs.
  • Handle administrative tasks such as invoice management and vendor contracts.

Required profile

  • Build and maintain relationships with a network of professionals in the industry
  • Demonstrate strong attention to detail, exceptional interpersonal skills, and excellent written communication abilities
  • Possess expertise in event management techniques
  • Show a genuine interest in contributing to company projects and goals
  • Exhibit excellent internal and external communication skills


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