On the occasion of FIAC 2018, Paul-Emmanuel Reiffers, founder of Studio des Acacias, Chairman of Mazarine Group and patron of the arts, is pleased to welcome You are My Petrol, My Drive, My Dream, My Exhaust at Studio des Acacias by Mazarine, an exhibition by Laure Prouvost, represented by Galerie Nathalie Obadia in Paris and Brussels, Carlier I Gebauer in Berlin and Lisson in London and New York.


After having presented Barbara Kruger and Benjamin Millepied, Mark Handforth, Rashid Johnson and Matthew Day Jackson, Mazarine is now showing its support for contemporary French art creating by presenting the work of Laure Prouvost.


You are My Petrol, My Drive, My Dream, My Exhaust was initiated by a collaboration between curator Martha Kirszenbaum and the artist, selected to represent France at the 2019 Venice Biennale.

Mazarine designs the three new stickers for the famous Saint-Estèphe.


Combining representation of desire, onerism, and a fantasized description of nature, Laure Prouvost’s immersive films, installations, drawings and tapestries imperil our relation to language and comprehension through the construction of complex narratives and surrealist moments that feed her unusual approach to the conventions of film and image. The artist attaches a special importance to language and its representation, with great verve she plays with words, stretching and deconstructing them before putting them together again and reinserting them into the story, where they jump and swirl, snub us and escape our understanding. The attention that Laure Prouvost allots to the environment and to the natural and human elements surrounding her serve as the raw material of her practice and her generous way of filming. Her films do not exist without the universe that surrounds them and where, captured with metaphor and romanticism, the invisible becomes apparent. She strives to bring forward the unimportant objects, the ones that the consumption system that governs our daily lives has left behind: leftovers, litter, objects that are broken, dysfunctional, unloved.


You Are My Petrol, My Drive, My Dream, My Exhaust takes elements produced by the artist for her exhibitions at the Musée Départemental de Rochechouart (2015) and Fahrenheit by FLAX in Los Angeles (2016), revealing, through the divergence of their contexts, two sides of the same coin, and presenting a diptych of videos installed with a large resin-based installation, several objects such as relics, a motorcycle or an LED, and a squid-ink vodka bar, evoking the two environments – one rural and French, the other one urban and American.