Mark Handforth, worthy heir of Pop Art, is known for his sculptures which alter everyday objects and urban furniture. Benches, lamps, street signs, vespas are thus re-presented, extracted out of their original context and reinjected in a playful manner in exhibition or public spaces. The light is omnipresent in his work, fluorescent light, candlelight, city light…


Publisher: Éditions Studio des Acacias by Mazarine

Contributions: foreward by Veronica Gonzales Pena, interview of Mark Handforth by Timothée Chaillou, interview of Paul-Emmanuel Reiffers by Thibaut Wychowanok

Informations: a 2014 publication, paperback, 51 pages, in french & english. Dimensions: 23,3 x 1,3 x 30,5 cm