Paul-Emmanuel Reiffers, president of Numéro magazine, has created this biannual collector's magazine that announces month by month what will animate and thrill the art world in the coming season.

The art world goes fast, very fast. It is constantly redefining and reinventing itself in a pleasing profusion. It no longer has any borders, living to the rhythm of fairs and major exhibitions (Maastricht, London, Paris, Venice...). He redesigned the world's geography by exporting the city from Basel to Miami and Hong Kong. He transformed Instragram into the world's largest instant gallery. Art today is everywhere. How can we successfully report and document these high-frequency pulses?

An object and a project were needed that would be equal to the excitement of contemporary creation. It was necessary to break this fast-paced rhythm and take the necessary distance to make the most precise and demanding selection. A hybrid object was needed that would appeal to both a specialized audience and amateurs. An object that by its aesthetics comes close to an art book and that by its editorial line is a magazine open to all audiences listing the best of the upcoming season.

For the first issue, the magazine brings together interviews with personalities of contemporary creation who express themselves on their vision of art: Miuccia Prada, Maria Grazia Chiuri, Camille Henrot; exclusive contributions from artists: Doug Aitken, Sheila Hicks; meetings with great contemporary artists: William Forsythe, Barbara Kruger; the major events of the coming season, those who make the art world every day, the founders of Lisson Gallery, Frieze... and the exhibitions to see in the young art scene.

Numéro art is sold on newsstands in its press version (€8.50), in collector's version (€25), then also at the FNAC and in a selection of specialized bookstores.