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Shu Uemura
Mazarine Pascalie Design creates the global design for Shu Uemura’s makeup line.

Shu Uemura reveals its new monogram “shu”, created by Mazarine Pascalie Design. The emblematic symbol displayed in the brand’s products is inspired by the traditional japanese inkan 印鑑 (sealing stamp) and stands for the founder’s first name in a kanji meaning “excellency”. The brand name has been stylized in the form of a Japanese ideogram, to be use in communication, digital and on primary and secondary packaging.

Shu Uemura entrusts Mazarine Pascalie Design with the creation of its make-up line’s global design. News sizes and a new graphism expressing the modern and minimal Japanese luxury for the beauty brand created in Japan in 1972 by one of the most singular and innovative personalities in the world of make-up, Shu Uemura.