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Roger & Gallet
Roger & Galletentrusts Mazarine with the redesign of its communication ecosystem and integrated campaign.

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With its five new Cologne Extracts, the house presents the Art of the Fragrance to a younger generation, the incredible and extraordinary of today.


Imbued by the fresh and audacious Luma Grothe, the campaign centers around the modern Empress: an impertinent and free-spirited young woman of today. 

This is not an Instagram account. This is a diary of a modern Empress.

A window into the imperial art of living, emblematic of a brand whose soaps and colognes delighted the European courts. This is an account that offers a story for one to follow, watching the Roger & Gallet Empress share her "me-time" and her thoughts through collages, notes and even scribbles. Inspiration and advice that merge the best-kept secrets of the royal and imperial courts with the freshness of the twenty-first century.

Here, we whisper, we chat, we test, we discover, we become ecstatic. We learn to take our time. An Instagram account that, through anachronisms and oxymorons, appears timeless, a synthesis of eras. All this is intoxicated with acid colors as the plants self-emancipate and come together for their "Naturevolution".