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TAKEOVER by Mazarine
Mazarine blends art and technology in an immersive installation journey to rethink the brand experience at the Studio des Acacias.

PLAY - The interior space of the entry gallery is covered by a huge luminous LED screen. A camera is capturing up to 5 silhouettes at the same time. Visitors are invited to play with their silhouettes, paint in colour and trigger sound effects. The experience is state of the Art because it uses mobile world lens A/R mobile technology to capture the silhouette by taking it to an oversized scale.

PAINT - Dedicated to the event take over,  Zach Lierberman created an exclusive version of his famous "Weird Type" application. The augmented reality app is a creative tool to interact visually in any space that allows you to paint colors, words and audio effects for social entertainment.

TALK - An interactive installation based on Google's dialog flow platform and real-time visual rendering, which is a world premiere. Our goal is to present disruptive possibilities of the vocal interface and to innovate brand narratives. We are convinced that voice user interface is tomorrow's standard and we want to demonstrate that associated with visual contents, it allows to create multiple experiences to tell a brand in a personalized and interactive way. 

POSE - An augmented reality experience based on Lens studio and the very new fonction snap cam of snapchat. 5 filters, specially developed for the TAKE OVER event that links virtual with real world effects in a never seen before way that open up new exciting possibilities for retail and event experiences.

SEE - Today's innovations and technologies are pushing artistic creations forward. We have invited the international collective artist Random International to show new forms of exhibition and interaction.

MOVE - A mobile augmented reality experience using Snapchat's latest feature 'Target Tracking'. You can transform a physical object into an animated one using the space through the lens of your mobile. The robot jumps out of its picture frame onto the ground and moves to the rhythm of the music.

UNBOX - A mobile augmented reality experience using Snapchat's feature "Target Tracking" to augment the dedicated cover of Numéro Art's latest issue. Photography by Tim Richardson, tribute to Francis Bacon.