Fresh off the success of the previous integrated campaign « Enchanted Holidays » featuring the Maison’s signature bows, Mazarine brings back the experience, pushing it to its climax. It is a celebration of a unique and impactful « perfect gift»  that makes for true digital retail-tainment.


Even more integrated than before, the campaign was conceived in advance with Viktor & Rolf to ensure a cohesive consumer journey. The bell serves as a common thread, connecting everything from the limited-edition fragrance, to the store displays and digital assets. Once again, Mazarine has rolled out a comprehensive package, offering a galaxy of content for social and media purposes, a CRM program and an online game, deployed across key markets.


With surprising choreographies and fairytale lights, the iconic Flowerbomb, Bonbon and Spicebomb perfumes are true stars of the ballet. In addition to the main film, multiple digital spin-offs reveal limited-edition fragrances and gift sets ... What does one gift at the end the most magical year ?