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Joining Mazarine means sharing the passion that drives all of our talents to innovate and create in all forms for the finest luxury brands and culture.

Based in Paris, New York, Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong, we nurture a multicultural spirit, fueled by the cooperation between our offices. We are committed to creating work and living spaces that encourage collaborations, sharing and moments of conviviality within our teams. Art and artists are also at the heart of our agency and help us understanding the world from a new perspective.

Our work ethic: we want to create a respectful, collaborative and innovative professional environment in which everyone can reveal her or his talent. In doing so, everyone has a responsibility towards others.

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Your personal data remains strictly confidential and is intended for exclusively internal use. In accordance with the regulation, you can exercise your rights of deletion, rectification and access to your personal data at any time, by contacting us by email : contact@mazarine.com