"NO APOLOGIES" is the first ever art book from the Reiffers Arts Initiatives mentorship program. Kenny Dunkan, laureate of the first Reiffers Art Initiatives Mentorship, has engaged in an in-depth dialogue with his mentor, American artist Rashid Johnson. Nourished by his exchanges and the advice of the famous African-American artist, Kenny Dunkan has presented an exhibition at the opening of FIAC 2021 offering an initiatory journey in the form of monumental and immersive installations, sculptures, videos and photographs, retraced by this exceptional book, a witness to a unique creative epic.




Publishers: Reiffers Art Initiatives Editions

Contributions: Diana Campbell Betancourt, Kenny Dunkan, Matthieu Humery, Rashid Johnson, Olivier Massart, Simon Njami, Paul-Emmanuel Reiffers, Thomas Shao, Eve Therond, Thibaut Wychowanok and Marie-Cécile Zinsou.

Informations:  edition 2021, 152 pages, in French and English. Dimensions: 33 x 25 cm