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La prochaine fois, le feu
Acacias Art Center by Mazarine welcomes in October 2022 during Paris+ Art Basel “La prochaine fois, le feu” by Alexandre Diop, the second exhibition of Reiffers Art Initiatives' mentorship program with the mentorship of American artist Kehinde Wiley.

Reiffers Art Initiatives, a foundation supporting young contemporary creation and cultural diversity, presented the inaugural exhibition of its mentorship program: “La prochaine fois, le feu” by French-Senegalese artist Alexandre Diop, with the mentorship of Amerian artist Kehinde Wiley, at Acacias Art Center, in October 2022.


Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna under the guidance of Daniel Richter, Alexandre Diop situates his artistic approach between painting and sculpture, focusing in particular on the materiality of the elements used, most often found in his environment. daily. He also explores the theme of African identity, thus following in the footsteps of artists such as his mentor Kehinde Wiley. The artist has already exhibited in Italy, Austria and the United States, and his work is present in several international collections.

"La prochaine fois, le feu" reflects the artist's heritage. Born in Paris and living in Vienna, Alexandre Diop is a French-Senegalese young multidisciplinary artist whose artistic process is guided by experimentation and historical observation of our societies. His work has already been exhibited internationally, notably in Austria, Italy and in the United States of America. In December 2022, the Rubell collection will dedicate an entire exhibition to his work during Art Basel Miami.


The title of the exhibition is borrowed from the writer James Baldwin, described by Alexandre Diop as a model for the defense of minority rights. It also evokes the artist’s fascination with fire, which he uses in his work for its purifying and life-giving virtues. His works are not only paintings but, in his own words, « image-objects » that he composes from salvaged materials collected during long urban walks. Monumental and inhabited by a roaring violence, his paintings invite viewers to bow down.


“La prochaine fois, le feu” by Alexandre Diop at Acacias Art Center


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