Mazarine Performance

Mazarine Performance designs and implements non-stop performance improvement strategies: ecosystem diagnosis, traffic acquisition strategies, consulting on experience and content design, CRM and Webmarketing plans, and optimization of technical and data architecture.

Our approach is based on the integration of mesurable and relevant objectives on each step of the digital value chain, in order to deliver a non stop improvement of results.

Performance & Data Consulting

Mazarine Performance carries out a precise assessement of the global digital ecosystem, including platform efficiency, data reliability, marketing activations and brand content actions. Based on the results of the diagnosis, our teams conceive and implement continuous improvement plans of the performance on the whole value chain.

  • DigitalBalanceScorecard

  • DataDiagnosis

  • PerformanceAudit

  • AnalyticsDashBoard

  • DataTraining

Digital Media & Advertising

Mazarine Performance creates and executes tailored digital acquisition strategies. Generating awareness, developing brand image, calling for action and creating loyalty: customers are reached on each stage of the purchase process. We deploy multi-level communication strategies to meet precise performance objectives ( revenue, ROI, CPA...) 

  • BrandAwarenessStrategy

  • TrafficAcquisition

  • DigitalRemarketing

  • SocialMediaAdvertising

  • SearchEngineAdvertising

  • ProgrammaticAdvertising

E-Retail, Activations & UX Performance

While respecting economic constraints, Mazarine Performance integrates quantitative objectives at the creation step, in order to align design and content with the expected performance. Rather than a step by step process, the approach is holistic: the asset creation, the activation features, and the structure of media plans are defined in a consistent and mesurable way. As soon as the plan is deployed, the results are analysed and reintegrated to insure a non stop learning.

  • DesignToResult​

  • KPI​Definition

  • ABTesting​

  • PanelOfTests

  • ContinuousOptimisation

  • ConstantLearning

CRM and Marketing Automation

CRM is at the heart of the marketing actions to reach both active and potential customers. Collecting the most qualified data to activate it either on a one shot or an automated (email, text, print...) campaign is our priority. The qualification of the database is key to optimize the RFM segmentation and push the one to one marketing.

  • Upsell&CrossSell​

  • CRM&MarketingAutomation​

  • RevenueManagement​

  • DigitalCampaignImprovement

Technical P​erformance

Loading time and data volume management have become crucial to create flawless digital experience. Performance in technical coding is key, and customers expect to experience a seamless journey. In a multi-device, fast-paced world, Mazarine Performance guides brands in the optimization of their technical and data architecture, to secure speed, better referencing and optimal accessibility.

  • SEOOptimization​

  • LoadingPerformance

  • CodeOptimization

  • TrackingPlan

  • TechnologicalArchitecture

  • CloudComputing

  • ComputingBenchmark