In the digital age, consumer expectations and the range of possibilities offered by technology are radically changing the way Luxury Brands must interact with their customers. The stakes are twofold. On the one hand, Brands are judged on their actions and not on their speeches, and on the other hand, customers want unique and personalized immersive experiences.  

To meet these challenges, Mazarine offers a complete, innovative offer based on 3 areas of expertise: Brand and Strategic Consulting, to design an ideal customer experience, Commerce Platforms & Channels Development, the ability to develop and deliver structured, consistent and efficient omni-channel experiences, and End-to-End Performance Reporting, measuring the ROI on each marketing lever.  

Optimized e-commerce, immersive websites, and data analytics for a comprehensive and efficient digital experience.

Mazarine assigns expert resources and project teams with multidisciplinary profiles, customized to meet the unique needs of each client. Our roster of digital talents includes:

  • Data Analyst

    Collect. Analyse. Measure. Give meaning to raw data.

  • Strategist

    Understand. Structure. Transform. Imagine efficient solutions throughout a user’s journey and render ecosystems operational.

  • Creative Producers

    Imagine. Create. Invent. Produce unique creations through a pointed sense of photo/video, motion and 3D results.

  • UX/UI Designers

    Design. Prototype. Iterate. Identify the most relevant UX/UI choices and from AB testing scenarios.

  • Creative Technologist

    Code. Innovate. Experiment. Conceive unique experiences with the use of creative coding and web & applicative development

  • Social Media Consultant

    Listen. Observe. Advise. Explore social media insights to spark engagement and create drive-to.

  • Web Marketing Consultant

    Analyse. Create traffic. Reference. Optimize et render the e-marketing campaigns successful.

  • Tech Consultant

    Develop. Implement. Improve. Enforce successful and perennial set-ups thanks to open-source technologies.

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E-Commerce Platforms

Building crafted and efficient user experiences. Designing and developing e-commerce sites, respectful of the imagery and identity of each brand for optimized conversion. Quality delivery and application-monitoring to foster long-lasting user relationships.

  • Drupal

  • Magento

  • Shopify

  • Wordpress

Brand Websites & Apps

Creating a singular and distinctive brand experience in order to renew the relationship between brands and their customers, by keeping them constantly connected and mobile.

  • Sketch

  • Principle

  • Confluence

  • JiraSoftware

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CRM & Data Management

Create a long-lasting and profitable engagement: from the conception to the production, and to the constant platform & digital campaign follow up, the data is at the center of our know-how. Our teams master mainly:

  • GoogleAnalytics

  • GoogleTagManager

  • GoogleDataStudio

  • GoogleOptimize

  • GoogleAdManager