Ardian italy - Scrigno 

Mazarine Image worked closely with SCC Vendôme and Ardian Italy to create a marketing strategy for the Scrigno project that would convince luxury houses to invest in this prestigious location.

A historic, exceptional and rare place, located in the heart of Milan.

The Scrigno project set out to inject new energy into the center of Milan. To create a cultural meeting point and a business hub that would generate new energy, new perspectives and a new commercial momentum. The project transforms the street, while also improving quality of life in the surrounding area. It creates a new destination for new business, new customers and new opportunities. The project also reinvents high-end shopping through a lively and authentic experience that is open and welcoming.

At brands’ side are 50 talented consulting, creative and production advisors, who shape, magnify and provide meaning through image.

Passionate about brands’ boundaries, their heritage and their expertise, Mazarine Image works with Maisons in building lasting brand platforms, defining singular graphic territories, and creating print and digital content as if they were objets d’art.

Sølve Sundsbø

'Sølve Sundsbø for Numéro' exhibition book.

« Sølve Sundsbø pour Numéro » est la première exposition solo consacrée à l’artiste en France. Elle explore deux décennies de collaboration entre le photographe norvégien et le magazine Numéro.

Paul-Emmanuel Reiffers, Fondateur du Studio des Acacias et Président de Mazarine Group, a souhaité inscrire ce nouveau chapitre à la programmation du Studio, résolument tournée vers la photographie et la scène contemporaine.

Né en Norvège en 1970, Sølve Sundsbø est installé à Londres. Avec ses images expérimentales et oniriques, il s’est imposé rapidement comme l’un des principaux photographes de mode au monde et l’un des plus talentueux de sa génération. En couleur ou en noir & blanc, chacun de ses clichés répond à une esthétique intransigeante et très sophistiquée.

Publishers: Éditions Studio des Acacias by Mazarine & Éditions Numéro

Contributions : Paul-Emmanuel Reiffers and Babeth Djian

Information : 2017 publication, bound, 35 pages, in French & English. Dimensions : 23,3 x 1,3 x 30,5 cm.

Reiffers Art Initiatives is a foundation created to support young contemporary creation and cultural diversity. 

Reiffers Art Initiatives’ mission is to support France’s new art scene and give it international visibility. It finances and gives exposure to thirty emerging artists every year, who will influence tomorrow’s contemporary art scene. 

Atelier Cologne 

Creation of visual identity, branding and product design for fragrance brand Atelier Cologne.

Mazarine Pascalie Design creates the new graphic identity, branding and bottle design for fragrance brand Atelier Cologne. A design that embodies the art of materials: between craftsmanship and high perfumery.

This collaboration marks a new chapter in the luxury fragrance industry, inspired by the art of craftsmanship, and embodies a new elegance, commitment and renaissance. 

A brand is founded on objects and symbols that endure.

A team of 30 experts, with a singular creative approach, collaborates with brands to evolve their visual identity and create innovative designs for their products and packaging. Thanks to our expertise in design volume, materials and industrial constraints, we explore the latest innovations while following ecodesign principles.
Beforehand, the agency also contributes to strategic thinking and defining the brand platform as well as product naming. Whether in the ultra luxury, premium or mass market, our knowledge of each and their trends means we can help all brands, be they leading or niche.