Moët & Chandon 

Mazarine Pascalie Design imagines a new metallic design for its Jeroboam, as well as a diamond-tipped "flute jewel" to perfect the ritual of drinking by the glass.

A brand is founded on objects and symbols that endure.

A team of 30 experts, with a singular creative approach, collaborates with brands to evolve their visual identity and create innovative designs for their products and packaging. Thanks to our expertise in design volume, materials and industrial constraints, we explore the latest innovations while following ecodesign principles.
Beforehand, the agency also contributes to strategic thinking and defining the brand platform as well as product naming. Whether in the ultra luxury, premium or mass market, our knowledge of each and their trends means we can help all brands, be they leading or niche.

Brugal - Maestro Reserva 

As part of its long-term collaboration, Mazarine is working with the Brugal rum brand on the international launch of its new Maestro Reserva rum.

360° support, including bottle & packaging design, creation of the new advertising campaign, launch orchestration, social media content strategy, digital experience, as well as the conception of its event experience.

"A MOMENT OF MASTERY, FIVE GENERATIONS IN THE MAKING", a tagline celebrating Brugal's ancestral mastery of the art of rum making for over 135 years, and revealing a new method behind the rum-making process: Dark Aromatic Toasting. Mastering the perfect moment when fire extracts the caramel pearls naturally present in the casks wood, Brugal's maestros roneros reveal a symphony of natural and delicate smoky flavors.

The advertising campaign is unveiled through photo and video content, captured by photographer and director Jean-Baptiste Deguez, highlighting an artistic sculpture, by set designer Pauline Choffe.

Embodying the mastery behind the making of this rum, the sculpture is a poetic metaphor for the unique elaboration process, combining the wood of the barrels, the fire and the pearls of caramel extracted from them. The sculpture and the new Maestro Reserva bottle at its center gradually come to life, revealed like precious art works through a play of light and gradations of the brand's signature blues and golds.

The bottle and case have been designed to embody the Brugal heritage.

Inspired by the Dominican arches that are an inner part of the brand's DNA, the bottle has been designed with a unique concave glass shape, allowing light to shine through and highlighting the juice's amber liquid. The case, with its sober design, is made from 100% recyclable carton, in line with the new challenges of luxury, and has a QR code printed on it, redirecting users to the brand experience.

Our 50 experts build and roll out communications strategies for brands that resonate with their target audiences.

From brand platforms to new narratives, Mazarine Stories works together with brands, helping with conversations and integrated campaigns. From the creative concept to in-house production, our 360° approach touches on online, offline, influence, retail, and street marketing mechanics. At the core of this team is a unit dedicated to social media. They monitor trends and imagine paths of engagement: editorial strategy, content factory, community management, social listening, tailored influence and amplification.

Balmain - fw24 women 

Fall-Winter 2024 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show in Paris by La Mode en Images. 

With offices in Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Asia, La Mode en Images designs and produces fashion shows, brand exhibits and large scale events for brands, who deliver custom-made and immersive events worldwide.

Collaboration with other areas of expertise within the Group enriches these moments with virtual experiences and NFT programs.