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Chanel's signature fabric is at the heart of this interactive experience celebrating the limited edition of Les 4 Ombres Tweed produced by Mazarine Digital.

Nothing says Chanel like Tweed. It is an infinite source of possibilities and limitless creative freedom. Inspired by the iconic fabric, Chanel's Makeup Creation Studio reinvented Les 4 Ombres in a limited edition. Tweed Mania doesn't stop at makeup ౼ it extends to everyday objects that surround us: phones, polaroids, magazines and clocks. Each of our four digital experiences immerse users in various Tweed-drenched universes. Enter a virtual dressing room, discover products in augmented reality and explore tutorial videos. Say Tweed!

Chanel Beauty invites us to discover its latest limited edition, Tweed Mania, as we deep dive into four immersive universes.

Nos 120 experts intégrés imaginent des expériences digitales omni-channels immersives.

De la réflexion stratégique, éditoriale et CRM, au développement technique et l’amplification paid, nos équipes créent des plateformes digitales, e-commerces et des activations tournées vers l’émotion et la performance.

Au coeur de cette agence une équipe dédiée à Creative Intelligence : une solution d’innovation créative interactive qui bouleverse la relation de la marque à ses publics.

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The iconic lingerie brand launches La Perla Beauty in collaboration with Mazarine Stories.

Since its beginnings in 1954 La Perla Lingerie has defined contemporary femininity by striking a balance between elegance and seduction. We focused on promoting the avant-garde values of the Italian house as we prepared to launch its beauty brand. Together, we defined the brand platform as well as the editorial and social media strategy of all annual communications. To announce the launch of La Perla Beauty, we designed and produced its first 360° advertising campaign, showcasing the La Perla Signature fragrance with brand ambassador Malika El Masloushi.

"What is behind the woman you see? The woman you don’t see…”

We welcomed the press and influencers at a live phygital brand launch event using our interactive “Smart Player™” device.

50 experts déploient des stratégies de communication en affinité avec les audiences.

De la plateforme de marque aux nouvelles narrations, en passant par la conception créative et la production de campagnes et de contenus, Mazarine Stories accompagne la marque dans son brand building et sa parole sociale tout au long de l’année. Au sein de cette équipe, une cellule dédiée au social media monitore les tendances et imagine des parcours tournés vers l’engagement : stratégie éditoriale, content factory, community management, social listening, influence sur-mesure et amplification.

Numéro 234



 Numéro 234 de novembre 2022 

In this issue 234 : a portrait of Eartheater, the singer-songwriter who creates enchanting and ethereal music, starring in a fashion editorial series by Colin Solal Cardo ; an encounter with British actress Jenna Coleman, who gained popularity with her roles in the Netflix series The Serpent and Sandman ; a conversation with Arnaud Vaillant and Sébastien Meyer, the young founders of the brand Coperni who electrified latest Paris Fashion Week with a dazzling performance staging model Bella Hadid. 

Also, the supermodel Kate Moss, who recently launched her first beauty and wellness brand named Cosmos; Anna October, young fashion designer who pays tribute to femininity ;  an interview with the great French designer Philippe Starck who was invited by Dior to revisit an iconic object of his heritage ; and fashion editorials by Rory van Millingen, Txema Yeste, Koto Bolofo, Elina Kechicheva, Gerg Kadel et Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello.

Numéro est une marque média print et digitale de référence qui explore le monde à travers un autre regard.

Son approche crée un langage éditorial et visuel unique qui mêle mode, beauté, art et design. Numéro propose trois parutions : Numéro, Numéro Homme, Numéro Art.