Le Labo

Creation of the brand’s visual identity and bottle design by Mazarine Pascalie Design.

We have translated the laboratory, alternative and daring dimension into the world of luxury perfume.

A modern, handmade logo with an artisanal spirit. Raw materials, the box and its perfumer's laboratory-style label, to be personalised. A simple bottle, heavy in glass weight, with a matt metal cap, to translate the industrial spirit of the brand.

A brand is founded on objects and symbols that endure.

A team of 30 experts, with a singular creative approach, collaborates with brands to evolve their visual identity and create innovative designs for their products and packaging. Thanks to our expertise in design volume, materials and industrial constraints, we explore the latest innovations while following ecodesign principles.
Beforehand, the agency also contributes to strategic thinking and defining the brand platform as well as product naming. Whether in the ultra luxury, premium or mass market, our knowledge of each and their trends means we can help all brands, be they leading or niche.

Prada Beauty 

Celebrating the holidays with a limited edition collection by Mazarine Pascalie Design.

Atelier Cologne 

Creation of visual identity, branding and product design for fragrance brand Atelier Cologne.

Mazarine Pascalie Design creates the new graphic identity, branding and bottle design for fragrance brand Atelier Cologne. A design that embodies the art of materials: between craftsmanship and high perfumery.

This collaboration marks a new chapter in the luxury fragrance industry, inspired by the art of craftsmanship, and embodies a new elegance, commitment and renaissance.