Mazarine Group

At Mazarine, emerging and passionate talents in each discipline are summoned in designing singular territories of expression and driving aspiration to new levels. Our nearly 400 experts in Paris, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Macau, envision and implement global brand strategies and cutting-edge experiences, through a combined know how in image crafting and digital intelligence. With its network of agencies and labels – Mazarine, La Mode en Images, Numéro magazine and Studio des Acacias – craft, art, culture, technology and ideas come together flawlessly.

Mazarine Group is a new breed of independent creative and tech consulting firm - culturally engaged and socially committed. A group unlike any other.

“What makes Mazarine so unique is our shared values:
a distinctive art-thinking, a dedication to excellence in craft, and a passion for innovations of all kinds. What brings Mazarine talents together is our commitment to being a cultural activist and a socially responsible stakeholder.”

Paul-Emmanuel Reiffers
President - Founder Mazarine Group

Balanciaga - Fashion Show
Prada - Expérience Virtuelle
Exposition TakeOver by Mazarine
Blu Marble – Projet en collaboration avec la Nasa

Digital & Technology

As marketing and communication issues become increasingly more complex, Mazarine solicits as much creative thinking and design as sustainable technological innovations. To accurately advise its clients with strategic, creative and business recommendations, the group is applying structured methodologies, leveraging organizational, human capabilities and working with state-of-the-art tools, to build an in-depth knowledge of the entire luxury customer experience, for greater impact and performance.

Mazarine has made technology the cornerstone of its expertise : we invest in reliable technology solutions to create non-traditional digital experiences and emotionally-stimulating events. A digital trailblazer since 2000, Mazarine has added technical development and coordination teams to its talent portfolio for end-to-end production chain management.

With Mazarine Creative Intelligence, innovation - particularly in the fields of virtual and augmented reality, immersive and interactive experiences - is opening up a new world to explore, stimulating our creativity.

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Creation & Performance

Mazarine fosters a culture of bespoke services and excellence through a constant attention to details. This specific know how is passed on to each Mazarine talent through the constant development of skills and capacities. This mindset nurtures a culture of partnership with brands, some of them since many years or decades, in all the group's activities.

Our aim is to push the traditional boundaries of marketing and communication in order to explore new territories for luxury, premium, fashion and cultural brands.

Our internal processes are driven by a strong image culture and a desire to bring a pool of talents coming from a wide range of eclectic disciplines: consultants, photo and video makers, strategists, copywriters, graphic, 3D, motion and UX/UI designers, illustrators, artists, curators, scenographers work side by side to bring out the singularity of our clients.

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Louis Vuitton – Fashion Show
Armani Privé
The Peninsula
Opéra National de Paris
Blu Marble NYC
Givenchy NYC
Audemars Piguet Miami
Louis Vuitton Shanghai

International & Global

The Mazarine platform deploys its expertise in Europe, Asia and the United States. With experts coming from all other the world, the group has settled abroad for more than ten years.

With offices in Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, and Macau, Mazarine supports its clients around the world on all communication activities and is recognized for its global orchestration skills and coordination of project teams within the entities and in partnership with clients' subsidiaries.

Today, we team up with European brands to conquer new territories, especially China and the US, and the other way around. Foreign brands in luxury and fashion coming from these key territories are convinced by our abilities to deliver what is called the 'excellence à la française'.

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Art & Culture

Mazarine is closely tied to the world of art and culture, as a partner of cultural institutions such as the Louvre Museum, Opéra de Paris, Palais de Tokyo, and Opéra de Versailles. As a sponsor of contemporary artists such as Laure Prouvost - who represented France at the 2019 Venice Biennale, the Group also teamed up with the LA Dance Project by Benjamin Millepied and supported the Monumenta exhibition at the Grand Palais.

Mazarine is committed to promoting a wide range of creative expressions and encourages those who make today's culture.

It also holds in its widespread cultural ecosystem Numéro Art, the bi-annual media reference of contemporary art and culture, and Studio des Acacias in Paris, an interdisciplinary exhibition center for the contemporary art scene as well as photography, video, and digital production space.

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Exposition Monumenta 2016
Paul-Emmanuel Reiffers & Benjamin Millepied
Mark Handforth – Studio des Acacias
Guy Bourdin – Studio des Acacias
Artiste Laure Prouvost – Numéro art 4
Diner Anish Kapoor – Monumenta 2011
Artiste Rashid Johnson
Projet collaboratif « Sneaker’s like Jay-Z’s »
Heroes – Institut Imagine
AEM – Enfants du Rwanda

Social and humanitarian engagement

In regard to the Group's commitments towards social and humanitarian causes, Mazarine, Numéro magazine and La mode en Images support the AEM association (The Friends of the Children of the World), by funding, organizing and hosting every year since 2006 a charity dinner engaging fashion and luxury houses into humanitarian action in Rwanda.

Mazarine's ambition as a responsible stakeholder is to encourage and assist all those who build a better future.

The Group is also a sponsor of the Foundation Paris Descartes, fighting against cancer and neurological disorders, the Imagine Institute at the Necker-Enfants malades hospital, and has supported several initiatives involving internal talents, such as ‘Sneakers like Jay-Z’s’, a collaborative project that explores the meaning of clothing for newly arrived refugees in Paris, for the benefit of the Emmaüs Solidarité association.

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