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Atelier Cologne
Perfume Maison Atelier Cologne entrusts Mazarine with its editorial digital strategy, content creation as well as with the conception of its new e-commerce platform.

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Mazarine guides the perfume Maison Atelier Cologne in their digital transformation with the digital strategy and content creation, the animation of their social communities, and their new flagship e-commerce. The content and interface produced by the agency showcase this Maison with character, with a fresh, poetic, and joyful identity.


More than a business destination, the new digital platform offers 'Coloners' a truly sensorial experience, a journey in the world of olfaction. A mobile-first and intuitive experience for an international and social native community. 

Since 2017, Mazarine accompanies the perfume Maison in the animation of their social networks with their offer " Mazarine Factory": an integrated production with hundreds of assets per year to offer a unique emotional journey.



Pursuing its collaboration with Mazarine, Atelier Cologne entrusted the agency with the design and production of social assets for the launch of the new fragrance “Gaïac Eternel”. For this very first opus from the new high-end collection “Caravelle Blue”, the agency conceived and produced a launch video to be broadcasted on the brand's social networks in January 2022. The video was created in 3D and its music was also composed by Mazarine.

Atelier Cologne also entrusted Mazarine with the design and creation of digital assets that can be found on Atelier Cologne's social networks.