Numéro Art #9, celebrates on cover two contemporary artists.


For its 9th edition, Numéro art met with Rashid Johnson in his Brooklyn studio. Over two decades, the very committed artist has become an international star, with works dealing with African-American identities and histories, its revolts and its cultures. The magazine also met with art legend Georg Baselitz, whose work will be showcased through a big Parisian retrospective at Centre Pompidou this Fall. Exhibition curator and French museum of Modern art’s honorary director Bernard Blistène, and Paris Museum of modern art director Fabrice Hergott both wrote about the German artist’s impact in contemporary art history.


This edition of Numéro art also explores the personalities and creators who count: a major interview with Mark Bradford, the African-American artist celebrated throughout the world, an exclusive discussion between the young painter Florian Krewer and the international curator Hans Ulrich Obrist and the young artists of the French scene who will make the art of tomorrow, from Sophie Varin to Kim Farkas.